Halloween – BOO!

Hello and thank you for coming back to the “Single Slice of Cheese” blog! I am glad you have decided to return! Tomorrow is the most interesting day of Halloween. Frankly, the allure of this day has worn off for me. When I was younger, I loved going door to door begging for candy by yelling “TRICK OR TREAT” and then adding under my breath “smell my feet, give me something good to eat!”

Much to my dismay, my mother did not subscribe to the idea of buying a cheap vinyl costume and mask to be worn one night during the last week of October. BOO to her is what I thought!

Later, in my teen years, I had MUCH fun filling up my “Super Soaker” squirt gun and knocking on a few choice doors and soaking the (teacher) person who opened their door to my demand for candy.  Oh what fun it was…

I know, I know, that really does not have much to do with being a single adult in 2017, however, it did in part help to create who I am today. I am not going to say that my mothers refusal to spend good money on a costume that would be of little relevance the next year scarred me for life and that I am now “blaming” her for all of my issues of life! Rather, I think it was that lack of a “big deal” over a night of indulgence that has helped to shape my current views on the day and a lot of other much bigger decisions in life.

Interestingly, as an adult, I have zero desire to “celebrate” the day of Halloween, I would much rather pay 1/2 price for all of my candy anyway! Alas, I know many people find this time of year a great time to have Halloween, harvest, or other assorted parties. Do we really need a reason to have a party?

I reckon on one hand singledom could be looked at as a non stop party for one as technically, we’re the only person we’re responsible for! Sorry single parents, that was not meant as a slight to y’all! Alas…

Fellow singles, have fun, be safe and be sure to inspect all your candy accepted from strangers!


Thank you for visiting Single Slice of Cheese.com! It is my aim to tackle a wide variety of topics in here that we as single adults encounter on a daily basis.  I feel I have a pretty good insight into this state of life and hopefully y’all can either relate, or share insight or advice of your own on this trek we call life!