Azure, Cerulean, Cyan, Indigo: Blue(s)


To this list, I would add no “blues” about being single!

The “bad blues” are a stealer and a thief of joy.  Though, like horses, they are sometimes difficult to keep at bay and they may sneak up on us like a Prius that didn’t see us… HAHAHAHA, sorry, bad rhyme…

Life is an interesting pendulum…

One of the greatest benefits and potential disappointments of singledom, is being unattached. That is not to say we don’t have great relationships, friendships or other ties in life, rather, we are as they say “footloose and fancy free”. We can travel at the drop of a hat, quit a job and pick up another without the common worries of having to provide beyond our own means. At current, I am in such a state of flux. I do not have a full time job anymore, which in many ways limits how far I can spread my wings, but it then provides other opportunities as well.

Today for instance, I went on a “wild goose chase” of an interview – I will spare you the details, but the upshot was when I walked into the recruiting office, I knew something was amiss and it was not the place for me. I walked back out without a word and proceeded to have the most GLORIOUS morning! I drove from Allendale, which is in the middle of nowhere – actually, it’s about half way between the Great Lake Michigan and the “big city” of Grand Rapids.  Since it’s of little relevance unless you’re a student at GVSU, I am going to bid it adieu, and proceed with my original tale for you.

Along my winding trail is where this tale of singledom was borne out. First, I was simply going to take the road, that if taken to it’s logical end, would lead to the Grand River; and head back west again on another winding road to Grand Haven proper. Once there, I was planning on a “boring” day of finding breakfast and probably walking the shores of Lake Michigan, taking a picture or two of the lighthouse etc.

Instead, I continued north, to the end and turned left. There, I was greeted by the most beautiful, still, serene, Great Blue Heron blending majestically against the swamp scum, reeds and branches. (I “shot” him with my iphone SE). From there, I wandered a bit more past a home I once considered haven of interesting treasures and its sand pile that once served for endless hours of entertainment. Sadly, it has long succumbed to the force of wind and weeds.  Now, the once haven has become a clutter castle, it’s once fine maiden, now IMG_5684a lonely spinster and spinner of tales. A little further up the road, the serenity continued in a marina bedding down for the winter.

My day continued in a wonderful fashion of finding interesting scenes along the way. A bright blue bicycle tied to a pole, behind a tenement, along a railroad

Beautiful Blu

track, a cafe worth writing home about, time and peace in a library, time to enjoy all that life has to bring. Time, as my 7th grade geography teacher once told me, “to smell the roses”.

I just noted, how “blue” a day this was, not blue in the boo hoo sort of way, rather, blue as in beautiful blue bird, blue sky, blue bicycle. Too bad the only blue roses are those of the artificial variety.  Alas, what is one to do? I suppose artificial blue roses are like the moments of life when the sugar melts and you’re left with a mess… Until the next mess, I am off to roam, wander and see what color I can expound upon next! In the interim, be swell, y’all…don’t let the sugar melt without good reason and don’t get caught up in the treasonous thoughts of I am less because of my singleness… (Preachin’ to the choir here!)

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By day, I am a skilled Customer Service agent for a local logistics company. By night, I am an aspiring theologian, a minister in training, a lady in waiting and an overall, an awesome human being! Singlesliceofcheese was created as a random, whimsical blog with the intent to kick Queen Crabby Pants out of my head!

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