BREATHE Christian Writers Conference

Hello there! I absolutely love the Breathe Christian Writers Conference, it is a solace to my soul. It is a safe haven for the novice to the novelist in terms of a writing conference. Below is my submission that was very graciously accepted to be featured on their blog, I am BEYOND EXCITED!! To top it all off, I had a wonderful headshot done by a friend of mine, someone whose work and life I admire. She is also a wonderful photographer here in lovely Allegan Michigan. So, should you have a desire to have photos taken for any reason, I would highly recommend my friend Becky Martin!

Real Headshot

Alas, here is my submission to the “Breathe CWC!”

Breathe in, breathe out, you are my oxygen…writing; you are life giving to me.

The Breathe conference is almost otherworldly in its provision of sanctuary for the tender writers soul. It’s a time when we come together to share our inmost parts and learn how to present ourselves to the world beyond.

However, for me, something was amiss in the atmosphere this year; the theme “connect to create” was not resonating… You see, connection is a challenge for me; thus I have begun to explore the science of approachability. I have been reading on the topic of making friends and the challenges thereof. One would think at a safe haven such as Breathe, making friends would be as simple as – breathing…?

As I related my reading to my experience at Breathe this year, I could not help but wonder what it was that caused things to feel “amiss” in the atmosphere. Was it because I was too casual? I noted others were more a tad more formal to my wandering around in jeans and a hoodie. Was it as I first noticed, while walking to dinner, because I was wearing two amazingly similar, yet different shoes? (Same style, same fit, different colors!) OOPS!

However, all hope was not lost! Despite not making new outward connections, I did see many familiar faces and I was able to reconnect with the dear friend who first introduced me to the wonders of the Breathe Writers Conference. In spite of what may seem like a “down” time, I made perhaps, the most important connection of all. I truly connected with my inner writer, bringing her to the front, displaying for all the world to see, her hidden works, words and wisdom.

Till next time, keep on “breathing”!

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By day, I am a skilled Customer Service agent for a local logistics company. By night, I am an aspiring theologian, a minister in training, a lady in waiting and an overall, an awesome human being! Singlesliceofcheese was created as a random, whimsical blog with the intent to kick Queen Crabby Pants out of my head!

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